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Keeper 07203 water proof Roof top cargo bag (15 cubic feet) Review

This summer if you are planning a long trip by car then the Keeper 07203 water proof Roof top cargo bag (15 cubic feet) can bet the best choice for carrying luggage. This water proof rooftop cargo bag is made up of nylon fabric with rubber lamination that protects your cargo from road dust, rain, sun, dirt, and wind. The typical luggage that you carry while travelling occupies much space in the car and at times it becomes very difficult to handle such luggage as it becomes very heavy. This type of water proof cargo bags provides with lots of space to carry essential things and it fits itself on the roof top of your vehicle.

Salient features:

The distinct features make the product different from other cargo bags available in the market. The bag is made with good quality of fabric that protects it from any sort of damage while travelling. The bag expands itself up to seventeen cubic feet. It comes under the category of durable products and has the water resistant feature. Internally it is fully padded with foam because of which the things kept inside the bag become damage free and you can easily pack your things. It gets easily attached with the roof top area of the car and its firm gripping on the racks again makes it fully safe during travel. With typical and old fashioned luggage at times you are not able to enjoy your journey as most of the time safety of your luggage becomes your priority. But with this water proof bag you need not bother about your luggage. In every type of weather it is best for use.

Along with the waterproof roof top bag you can also purchase additional products that will make your journey risk free and will make the product more durable with add on features. You can buy an additional master lock strap that comes in a pack of two that again makes the luggage tightly fitted on the roof top. A roof mat, non-skid pad for roof top, roof bars etc can also be your choice. The roof mat provides an even platform for the rooftop bag to fit. It is not necessary that every car has the luggage bars attached with it. If your car is exempted with roof bars then need not worry as you get two roof bars that you can yourself easily fit on the roof top.

These types of water proof roof top bags provide you with great comfort and convenience while travelling. These are light weight and air tight bags that are easy to carry and use. The above mentioned feature of this product has made it in great demand and a must buy item if you are planning a long road trip.

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