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Fujifilm X100S 16 MP Digital Camera Review

Fujifilm X100S 16 MP Digital Camera is a professional camera, which is prohibitive for some because of its price. However, its performance justifies the financial efforts.


• 2.8 Inch LCD display
• 16X Trans Sensor built under OLPF-less architecture
• Viewfinder of increased performance
• The capacity of making full HD movies

Other specifications:

Fujifilm X100S 16 MP Digital Camera is a device with a high price, so it is definitely for professionals. It has significant dimensions, and even if it is smaller than other cameras with the same performances, it can’t be considered as portable. However, considering the fact that it has dSLR, grip, flash and good lenses, it is a pretty compact device.

The menu is complex, so you will have to read the manuals before using the cameras. For beginners, the interface is pretty simple, but it is a pity to spend so much money and not to make use of the secondary capacities of this device, which are available with additional menus.

The strap is long enough, but you might consider ordering a longer one if you want to take the camera on long trips.

Fujifilm X100S 16 MP makes great photos. Even the skin tones are displayed perfectly, and the movies look like taken from Hollywood productions. Even if it has other disadvantages, the quality of photos makes the price of this camera fully deserved. Even if the lenses are fixed, they are sharp and focal. This means that you can make sharp photos and close-ups even if we are talking about fixed lenses.

The Viewfinder is electronic and optical, and you can adjust it with the LCD screens. Read the manual before using it, as the menu is pretty complex especially for amateurs. The focus-peaking feature will make great photos even if your hand shakes. Even in those situations, the red eyes will never appear in photos. On the contrary, you will see the sparkling in the eyes of persons that you take photos of.

Shipping and ordering

Two 16 GM SD cards of 10SD class are included in the package, but this is normal, considering the high price of this camera. Besides this, you will get a tripod, a leather case that might have a value of 100$ or more, and a screen protector. In those circumstances, the price difference might be justified.

The number of high-tech facilities is impressive. Even if it has many controls, they are displayed perfectly on the camera, so you will be able to use those without looking after a short period. It is silent, and the ISO performances are also pretty consistent. Overall, a good camera for professionals that want high performances, but they don’t want to look like paparazzi on the streets.

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