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Black & Decker LST136 13 Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch offers solid performances, even if its price is a little higher than other devices of the same class. On the other hand, the name of Black & Decker might be a reason for some to bear the price difference.


• 13 inch length
• 36 Li-Ion cordless powering system
• Good for trimming deserted areas, with bushes and strong plants
• A conversion feature that allows you to turn it from a trimmer to a shaft in seconds
• A fast charger that allows you to get it ready for work in less than one hour

Other specifications:

The rechargeable battery lasts longer than the majority of other devices of this type, especially because of the low consumption of the Black & Decker LST136 trimmer, even in conditions of heavy usage.

The Power Command dial allows you to get maximum power instantly, when you deal with thick weeds. You can switch it back instantly to normal usage once you have passed the “annoying” area.

Consider buying it along with replacement line string trimmer, as you will get a discount for the combo package.

The Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch is good for areas that were not trimmed for ages. It is fast, easy to handle and low power consuming. The power is adjustable from 1 to 6, and the first one is enough for the majority of jobs. You will rarely need the 6th level. Be advised that the superior levels consume the battery a lot faster, so you should use the superior levels only when they are truly needed. Actually, level 2 and 3 can get you over the most difficult bushes and lawns.

The safety trigger makes sure that children can’t turn it on accidentally. Actually, accidents with trimmers turned on happen more often than officially recorded, so this is a good facility after all.

The consumption of trimming line is small. The auto feed feature makes sure that you will only consume what you need, reducing the overall costs. It is one of the cheapest trimmers that won’t oblige you to push a cord around. Overall, the Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch might be considered expensive by some, but it comes with many facilities that would be useful for years.

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