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Audio-technica ATH-M40FS Professional Studio Monitor Precision Headphones Review

I am a singer and a music composer by profession and so I understand the importance of an excellent quality precision headphone. At my work place one of my colleagues advised me to purchase Audio-technica ATH-M40FS Professional Studio Monitor Precision Headphones. On his recommendation I ordered this headphone. Earlier I was a little doubtful about the product but when I used it during my recordings I found it to be very good. The product meets with all of my requirements. In fact I can confidently say that these are the best quality headphones I have used till now and they do justify the cost.

Look of the Headphone: The first thing that came in my notice was the look of the headphone. They look very stylish and are light in weight and thus they go not give any kind of irritation, stress or pain to my ear, head and neck. The earpieces are oval shaped and are nicely covered with soft and good quality padding material. I find it very comfortable for my ears.

Sound Quality: Sound is the most important thing in any headphone. The sound quality of the headphone I was using earlier was not good. Sometimes it happens that some music pieces are not required in the music track and because of the poor quality of the headphone you cannot make out which piece should be eliminated. But these headphones give excellent sound quality. The sound quality helps me to exploit and accentuate each pitch and tone. I can clearly hear all the music pieces added in the song and according to the requirement I can edit the track. The high notes do not sound sharp and the low notes sound smooth. Therefore it gives a mid range to the track. I have not yet come a crossed any crackling sound or any kind of sound disturbance.

Isolation: The headphone completely isolates me with whatever I am listening. I am not able to hear any extra noises that may restrict my work and distract me. Therefore I can easily concentrate on my work.

Frequency range: Frequency is also an important factor in a headphone. Audio-technica Precision Headphone provide with a wide frequency range for monitoring and mixing work.

One thing I would like to mention here is that these headphones are not meant for children, or for any of your casual use. However they are very good for listening to each music piece and lyrics that the track contains. These are best for professional recording work.

All over I liked the product as it fulfils all of my requirements. I am satisfied with the quality and cost of the headphones. If you are also involved in similar profession and if you are a passionate music lover then these headphones can be your right choice.

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